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Janet Lee Stinson has been an English teacher/Department Chair, University Reading Part 3 Instructor, Student Success Literacy Consultant, and instructional writer and media specialist. JL is currently co-writing a screenplay about her work with literacy advocate, Arnie Stewart. She lives with her husband and Golden Doodle in Safety Harbor, Florida.

2 thoughts on “About Janet-Lee

  1. Hey J. Good to see you’re doing well. I just curious if you have a regular Facebook page where we can keep up to date with each other.

    Sean Barrie alternative Program

  2. Hi Sean!!

    Sorry it took me so long to reply! Great to hear from you!! Yes, I have a facebook page but it might be difficult to find me because of my privacy settings…send me your email to my email and I will look for you on facebook. 🙂

    My email is janetleestinson@gmail.com

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